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Training Centers Management (TCM):

Solution for managing training center’s business areas, Customized to acquire the different rules and Procedures according to the center's plans and Strategies. Manages preplanned schedules And different training plans, courses catalog, Certification exam and training offers with Different financial reports to manage Training center's Operations Efficiency and performance.

Key Benefits:
  • Managing Multi-branches Training Centers
  • Managing Training reservation and Waiting Lists
  • Training Revenues Analysis
  • Instructors Database management
  • Trainees Data Analysis
  • Managing Certificates and Exams
  • Training Sales/Profitability Analysis
  • Managing Training catalogues

Key Features:
  • Basic Products and Courses Setup
  • Instructor’s Classification according Full-timers / Part-timers
  • Instructor’s Prequalification and Certifications
  • Periodical Training Plans Management
  • Training Costs Management
  • Courses prerequisites and course objectives
  • Exams registration with certificates handling
  • Different Levels of System security
  • Integration with Client’s Portals & Web Sites for Registration and Collaboration
  • Integration with Different HR Systems
  • Managing Training Offers to Individuals and Enterprises
  • Support Multiple databases
  • Support Standalone and Multi-user Environment

Key Reports:
  • Client’s Training Report with different categories
  • Trainee Courses Report
  • Instructor’s Analysis Report
  • Training courses across Branches and Locations
  • Training Courses Revenues Report
  • Training courses according to different Sources
  • Training catalogue ; Course Objective, prerequisites & Who should attend
  • Training Offers Analysis