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Recruitment Information System (RIS)

Recruitment Information system is designed to handle and manage the different Recruitment processes; Candidates data gathering, classification and filtering, assessment and evaluation.

Customers Business Agreements; registering customers' requirements, feedback, follow up and ensuring satisfaction to sustain potential business with the recruitment firm.

Key Benefits:
  • Candidates Handling & Assessment
  • Candidates Interviews and Updates
  • Customer’s Job Request Management
  • Agency’s Personnel Management
  • Marketing Campaigns management; Mail shots for newsletters , Training Promotions and Events invitations for Candidates, Prospects and Customers Promotions
  • Acquiring Cv’s and Candidated Meta-data through Web sites
  • Job vacancies Posting through Recruitment Agency Web site
  • Automated Matching between Job Requisitions and qualified candidate with the generation of Short-listed Candidates.

Key Features:
  • Recruitment Agency Staff/Employees data
  • Base Customers database and Prospects
  • Candidates data registration through Agency's Web Site
  • PCandidates Management; History, Modifications and Updates
  • Customers' Agreements/requests registration and handling
  • Different Searching capabilities with different Criteria's within candidates database
  • Mail Shots & Newsletters Propagation to Candidates and Customers through Mail Integration
  • Full Integration with MS Outlook
  • Integration with Customer’s Portals or Web Sites
Key Reports:
  • Job Requests Report and Posted Vacancies
  • Candidates Assessment Reports
  • Interviews Analysis Report
  • Customer’s Transactions and Analysis Report
  • Recruitment Agency Performance Reports