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Products & Services
Advocate Information System (AIS):
Product Manages Advocate Office Operations; File Cabinet Management for File Organization and documents management, Advocates Timer-Stop Watch and Timesheet Management.Customer's Billing transactions, and Invoices Handling.Different Billing Procedures and rules with all mandatory reports for cash flow management and payments handling.

Document Management:

Key Benefits:
  • Managing Massive volume of Documents
  • Search Engine within all Document Attributes
  • Tools for Evaluating Fee Earner's Productivity
  • Timesheets Approval and Rejection for amendments
  • Support standalone and Multi-user Environment
  • Timer Integrates Online and Offline with the System
  • Full Automation for Billing procedures with different Invoices templates
  • Supports Different Letter of Engagements Methodologies
  • Support Replication between Multi-Branches
Time Sheet Data Entry:

Key Features:
  • Basic Advocate Office Setup Data
  • Personnel / Fee Earner Data
  • Time Sheet Management
  • Letter of Engagement
  • Billing & Invoices Handling
  • Security Levels & System Privileges
  • Automatic Backup & Data Restore
  • File Cabinet Organizer and Document Management
  • Timer – Activities Stop Watch ( Online/Offline )

Key Reports:
  • Employee / Fee Earner Personnel (HR)
  • Employee Productivity (HR)
  • Client Account Statement (Finance)
  • Invoice Expenses Report (Finance)
  • LOE Information Report
  • LOE Information by Reference
  • Client Information Report
  • Billable Vs. Non Billable Timesheets Report
  • Detailed Timesheet Report
  • Timesheets by Fee Earner Report