About us
Mobisoft Solutions is a rapidly growing software development company providing high quality software development and IT consulting services. Mobisoft Solutions consultants are experienced professionals who combine a solid technology foundation with an in-depth understanding of business processes.

Consulting and IT Services from Mobisoft Solutions focus on defining, optimizing and aligning their client's business strategy with IT initiatives. Mobisoft Solutions believe that business and technology work hand-in-hand. A proper understanding of this synthesis motivates every engagement, enabling us to deliver technology solutions that give you a decisive competitive advantage.
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product image Our Solutions and Innovative Products highlighted with major key benefits as efficiencies in end-to-end business processes, the ability to adapt better business performance and higher customer satisfaction, Make faster and smarter decisions, and optimize business processes using proven methodologies with lower total cost of Ownership.

Services Image Our Professional Services will help you to maximize your success through a combination of experts, methodologies, tools, and certified partners, In addition to a comprehensive portfolio of service offerings. These offerings span all phases of your solution life cycle, from planning to building to running. So you can align your IT and business strategies, get your software up and running fast, and keep it operating at peak levels – ensuring that IT supports your business goals.
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Kaspersky™ Corporate Suite includes all the advanced tools for fighting viruses: an anti-virus scanner for the checking data storages on-demand; an anti-virus monitor for checking for viruses in all files being used in real-time mode; an integrity checker for controlling data integrity; the unique script-virus background interceptor and behavior blocker that provide 100% protection against script and macro-viruses. The combined use of these tools excludes the possibility of virus penetration, making your computing environment safe and secure.
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